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Experience the passion that flows in us. Feel the perfection of beauty and imbibe the sense of style in every bit of you, with us. With our passion and experience, we offer you an indulgence like no other. Shop the best, and the intricate in just one click. We are happy to provide you all under one roof, accessible and one of a kind by the masters themselves.











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Our Services

Explore the art of looking beautiful with the best in the industry. Kashees makes a personal commitment to realize the prevalent gap in the industry by providing access to high-end salon services at convenient times and affordable prices – any day of the week and any time of the day!

  • Bridal Makeup by expert with services $40

    Finding the perfect bridal makeovers can often be a challenge for brides-to-be. Our makeup experts keep in mind all the factors that will help shape your wedding look including the color and style of your wedding wear, your wedding theme, the time of your wedding.

  • Bridal Makeup by expert without services $35

    Makeup beyond Imagination.

  • Bridal Makeup by Kashif $30

    Kashif is one of the leading names of Pakistan when it comes to “Bridal Makeup”. He surely will transform you into the irresistible bride-to-be with quality cosmetics, hair styling, and makeup brushing skills at his best salon for bridal makeup.

  • Bridal makeup by Kashif with services $40

    Be the star of the show with our makeup

  • Bridal Makeup by Anum $35

    So let’s make up our minds.

  • Bridal Makeup by Anum with services $30

    Wear your personality with the perfect makeup on

  • Engagement Makeup by Kashif $40

    Being the pioneer in the makeup industry Kashif is well aware of how to style a bride with numerous colors and occasions whether it’s engagement, mehndi, or mayun.
    Kashif styles his brides with finesse and variations for the audience to go aww.

  • Engagement Makeup by Anum $35

    If you are searching for the finest experienced artist for your big day Anum will be your best choice. Anum also prepares brides according to the jewelry they wear keeping in mind the themes they have got in their mind. With years of hands-on experience, Anum will give you a gorgeous look at the special event of your life.

  • Engagement Makeup by Expert $30

    Engagement coming soon? We will make sure that our occasion makeup artists give you a flawless look for a flawless first impression on your new family.

  • Nikkah Makeup by Expert $40

    Try out Kashee’s Nikkah Expert by Kashif Aslam for party makeover package to get charming.

  • Nikkah Makeup by Anum $35

    Try out Kashee’s Nikkah Makeup by Anum Aslam for party makeover package to get charming.

  • Nikkah Makeup by by Kashif $30

    Try out Kashee’s Nikkah Makeup by Kashif Aslam for party makeover package to get charming.

  • Mehndi Makeup by Expert $30

    Try out Kashee’s Glamorous Mehndi  by Experts.

  • Mehndi makeup by Kashif $30

    Try out Kashee’s Glamorous Mehndi  by Kashif Aslam.

  • Party Makeup by Expert $40

    We have catered to over 50,000 party makeup needs, so you can rest assured that you are inexperienced and talented hands. You are sure to turn some heads at the event you go to with the makeup done by our expert makeup artist.

  • Model Makeup by Expert $35

    Our experienced model makeup artists have the best talents to bring out the perfect you. From Nudes to Shimmer our experienced artists are perfectionists and create the flawless makeup look for all.

  • Model Makeup by Kashif $30

    Be it a fashion show, portfolio, commercial photo shoots, or model makeup, Kashif can do wonders. He is talented in understanding the requirement of clients and providing you the best makeover for your success. Perceptible and mind-blowing.

  • Model makeup by Anum$40

    Look bold and beautiful on shoots. Anum can put the final touch on your look and highlight the natural beauty. Contemporary makeup or trendy setup, she can bring the best out of every woman.
    She puts her time, effort, and skills to make the magic.

  • Mayoon Makeup by Expert $35

    Try out Kashee’s Mayoon Makeup by Experts for party makeover package to get charming.

  • Mayoon Makeup by Anum $30

    Try out Kashee’s Mayoon Makeup by Anum Aslam for party makeover package to get charming.

  • Mayoon Makeup by Kashif $30

    Try out Kashee’s Mayoon Makeup by Kashif Aslam for party makeover package to get charming.

  • Mehndi makeup by Anum $30

    Try out Kashee’s Glamorous Mehndi  by Anum Aslam

  • Haircut by Expert $35

    Best hair care is the ultimate care.

  • Haircut by Kashif $35

    Because your hair deserves the best care

  • Rebonding $30

    Everyone is beautiful, we just make it obvious!

  • Dye $30

    We are here, For incredible hair.

  • Relaxing $40

    Bad hair day no more.

  • Extenso $35

    Get luxury for your hair

  • Transformation $30

    Hair And Beyond.

  • Ombré $30

    Ombré is the blending of one color hue to another..

  • Dye highlights $30

    Highlights are added to the hair using lightener, color, and or direct hair dyes. Highlights are pieces lighter than your base color,

  • Highlights $30

    Highlights are simply pieces of hair that are lighter than your natural color.

  • Chunks $30

    Offering Chunks Hair Service

  • Balayage $30

    Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep.” In this hair color technique, highlights are hand-painted or “swept” on the surface of random sections of hair.

  • Dip Dye $30

    Dip dye hair is a classic two-tone coloring technique where the hair is dark at the roots with lighter ends

  • Transformation $30

    A transformation is an extreme, radical change.

  • Protien treatment $30

    A protein hair treatment will work to repair hair strands by attaching hydrolysed proteins to the hair cuticle and hardening the cuticle layer.

  • Naino Treatment $30

    The Nanokeratin treatment is a semi-permanent hair repair and smoothing system.

  • Head Wash $30

    Properly wash your hair, gently work a small amount of shampoo into your roots and scalp.

Our Brides

Our brides are amazing – to put it simply! Every wedding and celebration is unique and has its personality, which is why at Kashee’s you will find a solution to all your bridal needs under one roof.