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Kashee’s Hair Mask

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Order WhatsApp 03128834015 , 03452590029 , 03452889230

Kashee’s Hair Mask

The Kashee’s Hair Mask repairs all damaged areas, and increases the tensile strength of the hair fibers, making them more elastic. It deeply conditions the hair fibers combination. The Mask restores the hair fiber to its normal porosity, which will leave the hair with an amazingly shiny, soft and natural look.


No need to wait for 3 days-a quick formula is best. Use intense conditioning therapies of enhance Hair shine, instantly repair and condition hair, contains Argan oil and keratin radiant that can effectively combine moisture to make hair healthy and beautiful.


Clean hair with professional shampoo, blow to 80% dry, evenly extend the product onto hair, completely massage hair with finger pulp, steam for 20-30 minutes with steam, cool for 5 minutes and then thoroughly rinse off with clear water, blow hair with cold wind.



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